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October 19 2017

That's the dependency graph generated from the story files for the @metalab game "More than a rocket silo"
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First concept art sketches. @metalab
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October 18 2017

### Game Overview There are two teams consisting of space ships. Their ultimate goal is to destroy the other team which can be achieved through destroying each of the ships or destroying the enemy base. Each ship has a neural network as brain which controls all its actions. During training the teams follow a curriculum of scenarios and are evolved through genetic algorithms. Scenarios and fitness function are scriptable in lua. What you will see in the video is the final battle after the training in slow motion.
### The Rules
#### Ships * A ship can move and shoot projectiles.  * A ship has a limited amount of fuel and projectiles. * A ship dies when it is out of fuel. * A ship can collide with out ships and suffers damage. * A ship hit by a projectile suffers damage. * A ship exceeding it's maximum damage dies. * In every game scenario ships start with minimal fuel and no ammunition. They have to visit their own base to restock both.
For movement the ship has: * Four perpendicular thrusters which can be fired all at the same time. It consumes fuel.  * An ftl drive which can transport it instantaneously over a limited distance. It consumes a lot of fuel (way more than conventional movement would cost for the same distance).
#### Projectiles * A projectile has a limited speed but is faster than ships. * A projectile has a limited range and will explode on exceeding it. * A projectile will explode on impact. On friendly ships, enemy ships, friendly bases and enemy bases alike.  * When a projectile explodes it creates a blast. Any ship in range of the blast will be stunned for a limited time.
#### Bases * A base supplies friendly ships flying over it with fuel and ammunition * A base has a limited damage it can take before it is destroyed. Without a base the friendly team will starve since it can't restock fuel and ammunition.  
### Legend * Dark red dots with a trail of same color: Ships of team A moving conventionally * Dark green dots with a trail of same color: Ships of team B moving conventionally * Lighter red straight lines: Ships of team A moving ftl * Lighter green straight lines: Ships of team B moving ftl * Big lighter red dot: Base of team A * Big lighter green dot: Base of team B * White circle: Marks a ship which is stunned * Orange dots: Marks a projectile blast * Yellow dots; Projectiles of team A * Turquoise dots: Projectiles of team B * White bar next to bases: Health level of the base
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October 15 2017

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October 14 2017

Outcome: Tag 4
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Cover of "Feeling Good" by Nina Simon

I recorded a cover of "Feeling Good" by Nina Simon @metalab
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October 13 2017

I edited a 3D printer design for fingerpicks and printed it @metalab
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Drei beim Sturm Xavier umgestürzte Bäume liegen an einer Straße bei Rautenberg im Landkreis Hildesheim
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10 yrs in 1 sec. Retreat of Svenbreen glacier year by year, 2007-2017.
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Good job

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